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Spar Rewards

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Hello Spar Customer!

Spar Rewards are electronic coupons designed to help you, our valuable customers, save money.
To receive instant electronic product coupons, join the Spar Rewards Programme online now at me.spar.co.za or join in our store.



  1. Register on the SPAR Rewards website: me.spar.co.za or Register a Spar Reward Card in-store.
  2. Shop at any of the participating SPAR Rewards Stores to purchase any of the above specially selected SPAR Rewards products.
  3. Once the cashier has scanned through your SPAR Rewards products, swipe your Spar Rewards card or punch in your cellphone number on the keypad at the till points and the electronic product coupons discount will be deducted at the end of your transaction.
  4. Your electronic SPAR Rewards product coupons change regularly so make sure to look out for the new ones on the App or instore.

The SPAR SA app is your go-to app for browsing and redeeming SPAR Rewards. SPAR Rewards are electronic product coupons designed to save you money! To receive instant electronic product coupons download and start using the app today.





Rewards available at: ALL SPAR Stores in South Africa

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